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Premium Asal Mamra

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Mamra Almonds are Extremely rich in nutrition and is a exotic nut Mamra is also richer in sugar content than the other types of Almonds, and that is why it is considered as a potent energy snack.The thing that actually sets aside the Mamra Almond from the Californians and Gurbandis is the method of production.
  • Farganic Pure Mamra Almonds are the finest quality Mamra Almonds. 100% Pure & Natural Badam Giri.
  • Finest Quality AAAA-GTAECL Almonds
  • Why Farganic Mamra: All Farganic Mamra Almonds are scratch less and Jumbo in size and Comes in Temper Proof Packaging in reusable Container to keep them fresh in kitchen.
  • Cultivated Naturally: Mamra Almonds are Typically cultivated in almost natural and organic ways. you typically use these in their natural way.

Unpolished, Raw and Natural: Farganic Mamra almonds are unpolished and Raw to keep their nutritional values

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