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Signature Gurbandi Almonds

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FARGANIC Signature Premium Range Gurbandi Almonds are among the best grade of almonds. All Almonds Badam are Whole in size, NO cut piece, tasty almonds. Farganic Almonds are available in 250 Gram, 500 Gram, 1kg packaging.
  • Farganic Signature Premium Gurbandi Range of Dry Fruit Series gives you the most selective, clean and best dry fruit in the world as they are handpicked and cultivated naturally to sustain the most excellent quality.
  • Farganic Signature Choti giri Gurbandi Almonds are among the premium grades of Gurbandi Almond.
  • Farganic Signature Gurbandi Almonds are among the premium grades of Gurbandi Almond and cultivated naturally.
  • Unpolished, Raw and Natural: Farganic Signature Premium Range of Gurbandi Almonds are unpolished and Raw to keep their nutritional values.
  • Store in a cool, dry place in an airtight container and preferably refrigerate after opening.

    Cultivated Naturally: Gurbandi Almonds are Typically cultivated in almost natural and organic ways. you typically use these in their natural way.

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